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Polish exports to increase following 16+1 summit

The guidelines adopted at the China- East and Central Europe 16+1 summit foresee facilities for Polish farmers and a Secretariat for Maritime Issues to be set up in Poland, Polish Radio reports.

The 16+1 summit took place in the Latvian capital, Riga, with the participation of representatives of 16 European states, including Poland’s PM Beata Szydło.

Polish government spokesman, Rafał Bochenek pointed that the summit adopted guidelines which pertain to the export of Polish agricultural products to China.

He added that in the past, there had been several obstacles blocking the sale of Polish apples, beef and pork to China, but he underlined that Chinese authorities had assured Poland that this process will be improved, the barriers lifted in order to guarantee effective sales of Polish products.

The guidelines of the Riga summit also included the setting up of a Secretariat for Maritime Issues in Poland, which would coordinate cooperation of the 16 Central and East European States and China. It will also deal with boosting the shipyard industry and also serve as a communication channel between the participating states.

During the summit, Chinese PM Li Keqiang underlined that Beijing is focused on intensifying cooperation with the states of Central and Eastern Europe especially in the development of transport infrastructure, with focus on railways and logistical centers, as well as agricultural and financial contacts.

The 16+1 is an initiative of the People’s Republic of China aimed at expanding cooperation with the 16 countries in the fields of investments, finance, transport, agriculture, education and culture. The first 16+1 summit was held in Warsaw in 2012.

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