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Poland should join euro only after referendum

Krzysztof Szczerski, foreign affairs adviser to Poland’s president-elect Andrzej Duda, said the country should hold a referendum to decide whether or not to join the eurozone. As reported by The Telegraph, he also said Poland would resist giving up more sovereignty to Brussels, and said it would fight European Union green policies that harm the Polish economy by forcing it to burn less coal.

Poland has been a major beneficiary of EU funds and a supporter of integration, but that is shifting with the rise to prominence of the Law and Justice party, which is allied to the Conservative party of David Cameron.

Duda’s win in May’s presidential elections came as a surprise. He will form the next government after a parliamentary election in October.

“The decision on ceasing to mint one’s own currency must be… the nation’s decision,” Szczerski told Reuters in an interview, saying that this required a “direct vote.”

“This realistically means that a discussion about introducing the euro in Poland during President Duda’s current term is pointless.”

Szczerski also said Duda’s administration will be “more decisive” than its predecessors in blocking moves on emissions which are unfavourable for the Polish economy.

In his interview with Reuters, Szczerski also noted the EU should return more powers to national capitals instead of constantly moving towards ever-greater integration.

“The metaphor of European integration being like a bike is well-known: you can only go forward, there is no reverse gear. Which means we’re in a conceptual trap,” Szczerski said. “In my view, now is the time for common sense to return to Europe.”

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