Bulgaria culture minister on brief visit to Poland

Bulgarian Minister of Culture Vezhdi Rashidov will be on a brief visit to Warsaw, Poland, the press office of the Bulgarian ministry announced. In the frames of his visit Mr Rashidov will meet with Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage Malgorzata Omilanowska.

Mr Rashidov will propose Ms Omilanowska a project and a three-year inter-institutional programme on cooperation in the field of culture, which will set all fields of future cooperation between the countries. The Bulgarian minister will also invite his Polish counterpart on a visit to Bulgaria to discuss the new programme on cooperation in the field of culture between the two countries.

The two ministers will also discuss the opportunities for cooperation and establishment of direct contacts between Bulgaria’s second-biggest city of Plovdiv and the largest city in western Poland – Wroclaw as European Capitals of Culture in 2019 and 2016, respectively.

Late on Tuesday Minister Vezhdi Rashidov will attend a solemn ceremony organised by the Bulgarian Institute of Culture in Warsaw where at the presence of Bulgarian Ambassador to Poland Vasiliy Takev the Minister of Culture will award prominent Polish cultural figures with the solemn sign of the Bulgarian ministry – Golden Century.

In the frames of his visit to Poland the Bulgarian minister will also visit the newest and most popular museum of arts in Poland. The minister will also visit the National Theatre of Poland, which marks its 250 anniversary in 2015.

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