People from a mining town in the USA are grateful to the Polish copper giant

Belonging to the Polish copper giant KGHM, the Robinson mine in the town of Ely, Nevada, US, employs over 600 people who showed their gratitude to the company’s CEO Marcin Chludziński on Sunday.

“Without KGHM our community would not exist,” said Ely citizens.

For KGHM, the mine in Robinson constitutes just 7 to 8 percent of the company’s mining operations. But to the people of Ely, the mine means the world.

“This mine is 100 percent of what we live off,” said Lydia Campbell, driver of a huge dump truck capable of carrying 240 tonnes of material.

The head of the mine, Amanda Hilton, has already visited Poland a couple of times and took part in Saint Barbara’s Day celebrations, which is a special day to celebrate the mining profession.

Ms Hilton said that the KGHM logo was very popular around the Robinson mine. “Last year, we sold 700 blouses with the KGHM legend. People pay to wear the symbol because they are proud of it,” she said.

For his part, CEO Marcin Chludziński said that the Robinson mine and the town of Ely are inseparable and could not exist without one another.

“These places are closely tied to one another, hence these people’s dedication to the project,” said the CEO.

KGHM has owned Robinson since 2013. Initially, the mine faced difficulties but it is currently profitable and expected to remain so until 2028.

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