Kenes Rakishev to merge Sirin Labs with cybersecurity startup

Kenes Rakishev

Sirin Labs will overwinter the lack of interest to blockchain technology by joining forces with the yet unnamed Israeli cybersecurity startup. The plan, which is already confirmed by Kenes Rakishev and Mosche Hogeg, is on the final stages of implementing. We think, that we know what kind of security startup is about to merge with Sirin Labs, but we prefer to keep this information in secret until the official announcement.

Cyber security and security in general is a white-hot spot of investment while the common interest to cryptocurrencies has been faded out. By joining the forces with the startup Sirin Labs will get the products and the startup will get the promoter and retail agent. The project could be quite lucrative for both parties involved.

Swiss-Israeli tech company Sirin Labs, known mostly for their Finney phone, is in final stages of a merger with Israeli security startup. The prospects of the deal are good and the changes may be massive. Sirin Labs is led by Moshe Hogeg and Kenes Rakishev. After the likely merge the main focus of the Labs may be changed, the Israeli “Globes” newspaper speculates.

Sirin Labs, the company which is behind the luxurious Finney crypto-smartphone has drawn the international attention in 2017. The product is available at the market. The majority of the capital needed to launch it was gathered through the ICO. Sirin Labs recruited stars and celebrities to promote the $999 smartphone. One of the stars was soccer player Lionel Messi.

The global ice age for the cryptocurrencies has definitively affected the sales and the perspective of the Finney and the Sirin labs as a whole.

Hogeg predicts that the deal will be finally signed within a few weeks. He said that the company with which negotiations are being held, which now has ten employees, deals in cybersecurity for organizations. If the merger goes through, the stores founded by Sirin Labs last year in London and Tokyo will continue to sell the Finney smartphone, but will engage mainly in cybersecurity. As Sirin Labs announced earlier this year, it does not plan to develop a new generation of Finney devices, and is now focusing on developing software in the sector. Meanwhile, Hogeg says, “Sirin Labs is continuing as usual, and is issuing updates of its smartphone.”

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