Cannibal ants thrive in Polish nuclear bunker

Scientists have discovered a colony of cannibalistic ants trapped in an old nuclear weapons bunker in Poland. Researchers found that the ants survived by eating the dead bodies of their kin as they dropped on the bunker floor. An expert said the story “adds a dimension to the great adaptive ability of ants to marginal habitats and suboptimal conditions”.

Couple thrown off cruise for loud sex and row
A German couple say they were thrown off a cruise for making too much noise while having sex and then having a loud argument. On day one of a two-week Caribbean holiday, the couple forgot to close their balcony door before noisily making out and having a loud row. They say they were thrown off and left stranded in Barbados.

Firefighters have rescued a 30-stone pig from a Rotherham flat where she lived on Chinese takeaways. The two-year-old pig had slept on a mattress, was toilet trained to use a litter tray, and fed on Asian home delivery as well as chocolate and porridge. After her owner passed away, the pig was sedated and carried out of the flat. She now lives at Peppers Field Equine & Poultry Rehabilitation Centre in Letwell.

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