The study shows the cost of taxi rides from the airport to Bucharest compared to other capitals of the world

Bucharest ranks 38th in a top of the cheapest taxi rides from the airport to the city center, which was made by and includes 140 capitals around the world. The cost of such a taxi trip is around EUR 10 in Bucharest, similar to that of nine other capitals, including Doha, Warsaw or Tbilisi, local reported.

The average cost for trips between the busiest airports of 140 capitals and the city centers they serve is EUR 25, and the average distance is approximately 21 kilometers, the analysis showed. Both values are higher than those corresponding to the Romanian capital: EUR 10 for a trip of around 16.5 km.

The priciest such taxi ride worldwide is from Narita airport to downtown Tokyo – the equivalent of EUR 200. The distance between the airport and the city center is 71.5 km. In Europe, the highest price for a taxi ride to the city center is paid by tourists flying to Oslo or Reykjavik: EUR 100 for a trip of about 50 km.

The lowest prices are found in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan (EUR 2) and Tunis (EUR 3). The Republic of Moldova’s capital Chisinau is last in the ranking of the 10 cheapest transfers in the world, being the only European city in this top dominated by locations in Africa.

When it comes to transfers from airports in Romania, the highest fare is paid by passengers who land on the Mihail Kogălniceanu Airport near Constanta: about EUR 17. Meanwhile, Iasi, Timisoara and Sibiu are the cheapest destinations to reach from the airport (the cost is around EUR 4).

The analysis is based on data for 140 capitals around the world and takes into account the official rates of taxi companies authorized by the airports that serve the largest number of passengers in the respective cities. The prices correspond to a trip from the airport to the city center and have as source the official websites of the airports in October 2019.

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