Cableway broke down leaving 200 tourists hang on Kasprowy Wierch

The cableway to Kasprowy Wierch broke down on Sunday and some 200 people got stuck up the summit in the evening. Polish Cableways (PKL) launched maintenance runs which brought the unlucky tourists down to Kuźnice.

The operation aimed at bringing the tourists down ended around 1 am at night, as one maintenance run takes 40 minutes. Polish Cableways reassure that none of the tourists got hurt and everyone returned down safely.

“Our priority was to bring all tourists who got stuck up the Kasprowy Wierch safely down to Kuźnice. During the emergency operation, all tourists were offered food and drinks,” said Magdalena Załubska-Król from PKL press office.

The malfunction in the upper station machine room was caused by the storm which passed over the Tatra Mountains on Sunday.

The problem is being fixed and so the cableway is out of service also on Monday. The Polish Cableways (PKL) said that all ticket holders for that day will get their money back.

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