Polish gov’t backs minimum wage hike

Poland’s government has endorsed a plan to increase the country’s minimum wage to PLN 2,450 (EUR 570, USD 635) a month as of January.

Meanwhile, the minimum hourly rate would go up to PLN 16 next year, in line with a proposal at the end of last month by the country’s labour ministry.

The figures are still subject to consultation with the government’s social partners as part of the Council for Social Dialogue, spokesman Piotr Mueller told reporters on Tuesday.

The minimum wage in Poland rose to PLN 2,250 (EUR 525, USD 600) at the start of this year, from PLN 2,100 in 2018.

Meanwhile, the minimum hourly rate in Poland is currently set at PLN 14.70 (EUR 3.40, USD 3.80), up from PLN 13.70 a year earlier.

The average gross Polish monthly wage in April was PLN 5,186.12 (EUR 1,205, USD 1,344), the country’s Central Statistical Office reported last month.

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