Spate of military exercises in Poland

A spate of military exercises are due to take place this month in Poland or close to its borders, with NATO, American, British and Polish forces being put through their paces, the website has reported.

The website said the aim was to demonstrate “the military capability of grouping people and equipment, but also the political will to do so here, at NATO’s border with Russia and where the potential threat is the greatest.”

In two weeks’ time, 15,000 soldiers from Poland and 3,000 from other countries — the United States, Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic, Britain, Italy, Bulgaria, Norway, Hungary, Croatia, Romania and Slovakia — will take part in exercises codenamed Dragon, according to

The manoeuvres will be the biggest for Polish troops this year, and will take place across Poland on the ground, air, sea and in cyberspace, the website reported.

June will also see American forces leading Baltops exercises in the Baltic Sea, the website added.

Meanwhile, Britain, another Polish ally, is holding exercises named Baltic Protector. Britain has chosen Estonia as the main focus of the manoeuvres, but is demonstrating its naval capabilities across the Baltic Sea, according to

In another set of manoeuvres, a large-scale air defence exercise involving several thousand NATO troops was launched in northern Poland on Monday.

The Tobruq Legacy-19 drills, which run until June 19, are expected to bring together 4,800 troops from Poland and eight other NATO member states.

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