Sugary beverages: a deadly drink?

The average Pole annually consumes 12 kg more processed sugar in sweet snacks and ready meals than a decade ago—and the results are frightening, according to new report.

Three in five adult Poles are overweight, and one in four is obese, experts say.

Health Minister Łukasz Szumowski and the deputy head of the National Health Fund (NFZ), Adam Niedzielski, unveiled the report on Thursday.

The authors of the study say that a person whose death can be linked to the consequences of consuming sugar-sweetened beverages lives 15 years less than the average person of the same age.

They add that nearly 1,400 deaths a year in Poland are caused by excessive consumption of beverages sweetened with sugar, state news agency PAP reported.

Obesity has been linked to a range of diseases including cardiovascular disorders and cancer.

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