Poland detains terrorism suspect

Poland has detained a Russian citizen of Chechen origin who is suspected of terrorism, the PAP news agency reported on Monday.

The suspect, identified only as Nurmagomed M. under Polish privacy laws, was detained by Polish border guards and Internal Security Agency (ABW) officers.

A spokesman for Poland’s Special Services Coordinator said in a statement: “The detainee had ties with terrorist organizations and was involved in providing such organizations with logistical support.”

The spokesman added: “The man, who was detained on the 30th of January, 2019, had also been a member of an organized criminal group composed of Russians of Chechen origin. The group, dismantled by the ABW in 2018, had provided support to terrorist organizations.”

Nurmagomed M. is awaiting deportation, according to PAP.

The man is suspected to have cooperated with another suspect, identified only as Azamat B., who was last year expelled from Poland because he was believed to have links with terrorist organisations.

Azamat B. was expelled at the request of the head of Poland’s Internal Security Agency, a spokesman for Poland’s Special Services Coordinator said last year.

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