Biedroń brings in his “Spring”

A new political party has been officially launched in Poland by former mayor of Słupsk Robert Biedroń.

Beginning as a left-wing gay rights activist, Robert Biedroń in 2011 became Poland’s first openly gay MP. In 2014 he was elected Mayor of the mid-northern city of Słupsk.

Before his term wound down, Biedroń announced that he would not be running for re-election. Rumours were that he intended to run for President in 2020. He initiated his own movement last autumn, beginning to hold meetings and organize structures, with an intention to put the formation to the test at the European elections this coming May, ahead of Poland’s general election in the autumn.

“We want no more Polish-Polish war, we want mutual respect and dialogue” said Robert Biedroń at the founding convention of his party. “These last years have been cold and gloomy. Instead of talks we got unending conflict, instead of common good – party interests, instead of empathy – growing enmity. May this change at last” he said, speaking of “a frosty winter that must end at last. We are the spring, we bring in fresh air to Polish politics.”

The name of his party “Wiosna” (Spring) was presented to a background of Vivaldi at the February 3 founding convention in Warsaw, which brought together some 7 thousand.

An opinion poll run by IBRIS for Onet website showed that Biedroń’s formation can expect support of some 6.4% – more than the Polish Peoples Party and Kukiz ’15 currently in Poland’s Parliament.

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