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Car theft down in Poland: police

A total of 9,075 cars were stolen in Poland in 2018, 11 percent down on the previous year, a newspaper has reported, citing the police.

Thieves stole on average 756 vehicles a month, according to the Rzeczpospolita daily.

Police spokesman Mariusz Ciarka told the paper: “The improved statistics are largely the result of the comprehensive efforts of [the police], including departments specialising in car thefts operating across Poland, which work to dismantle criminal groups.”

Overall, a major drop in thefts has been recorded over the last two decades, falling from around 70,000 incidents a year, police said.

Some of the reasons for the decline in crime statistics listed by the paper include tighter procedures for registering cars in Poland’s transportation departments, improved theft-proof installations in cars and a rapid growth in the number of surveillance cameras.

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