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Christmas parcels for Warsaw Uprising veterans

Former fighters who took part in the Warsaw Uprising, a WWII insurgency against the Germans, have received special Christmas parcels.

Each of the 1,500 packages contained a shopping voucher worth PLN 250 (EUR 58, USD 67) and a card with greetings from Polish school children.

“These are special packages. We wanted heroes to be able to meet their basic needs before Christmas,” said the organiser of the initiative, Agnieszka Łesiuk-Krajewska.

Poland’s defence ministry pitched in financially to help the veterans.

The Warsaw Uprising was a bloody WWII insurgency against the Polish capital’s German occupiers. It resulted in the death of some 18,000 Polish fighters and 200,000 civilians.

The uprising began on August 1, 1944, and lasted 63 days before being put down by better equipped and more numerous German forces.

The uprising was the largest military operation by any resistance movement in Europe against the continent’s Nazi German occupiers during World War II.

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