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MoD and top US general discuss expanded US military presence in Poland

Expanding the presence of us troops in Poland was one of the main topics of Saturday’s talks between defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak and Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the United States General Joseph Danford, the Ministry of defense of Poland reported.

Dunford, who is an advisor to US Defence Secretary James Mattis and President Donald Trump, is taking part in the meeting of the NATO’s Military Committee in Warsaw.

During the meeting with General Dunford, Błaszczak recalled the many years of intensive Polish-US relations in the field of defence. “Cooperation between Poland and the United States has taken on the form of a strategic defence partnership, which is reflected in the participation of both armies in global operations enhancing security in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan,” the Polish defence minister said. “The US presence on the eastern nato flank has also been growing and since 2017, US troops have been stationed on Polish territory,” the Defence Ministry noted.

According to the ministry, Błaszczak’s talks with General Dunford were an opportunity to discuss the long-term commitment of the US and the deployment of more US troops in Poland.

“Minister Błaszczak spoke positively of the effects of the so-called European Deterrence Initiative (EDI), which comprises the Atlantic Resolve operation, under which a US armoured brigade combat team is stationed in Poland,” the Ministry of Defense said.

The Polish and US officials also discussed the decisions taken at the last NATO summits in Warsaw and Brussels, including the confirmed need to adapt the alliance to new challenges.

The NATO’s Military Committee, the alliance’s highest military body, meets twice a year at the NATO headquarters in Brussels and once a year in the chosen capital of an allied member country.

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