The ruling party is a force for change, President Kaczynski believes

In Poland there is no place where we can’t win, said the Chairman of the party “law and justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski in Sunday ;” we can win everywhere, including here in Opole (South West Poland)”, – he told potential voters on the campaign trail.

Kaczyński was attending his party’s local congress in Opole on Sunday, when he declared that Poland needed change and that his political formation was in a position to provide it.

The Law and Justice leader underscored that Poland “could move forward faster” if the ruling party managed to “beat the pathology” of “cliques and pacts” in local government. “We’re moving fast – the first half of 2018 brought us a very high position in Europe. I don’t want to say first place because I’m not entirely certain (…) but in any case at the top of the leaders. And that is the road we must travel, but to travel that road we must cast off this burden from our backs,” the PiS chairman stressed.

He added that this change would also serve the upcoming local elections, the first round of which will be held on October 21. “Law and Justice must be the political power that is in a position to change it,” he asserted.

He admitted that PiS’s opponents would attack the party for every word. “They are very firmly planted in these various pacts and collusions, and often defend them straightforwardly,” Kaczyński declared. “They often say that they really should be the elite who are above the law.”

In Jarosław Kaczyński’s opinion, PiS’s political opponents “gave that example – people caught red-handed (…) were vindicated despite the obviousness of the crime.” Hence, he argued, the judicial reforms introduced by the current government, which in his assessment Poland needs like air.”

“If we are to repair Poland, and Poland needs repairing and Law and Justice is in a position to repair it, then we have a beautiful future ahead of us,” the PiS leader argued. “This great goal – parity between Poland and the West of Europe is to be achieved and many of you who are in this room now will live to see it and benefit from it.”

Kaczyński recognised, however, that it would take work and determination in the autumn local government elections. “There is no place where we cannot win,” he said. “We can win everywhere, including here.”

The PiS chairman went on to promote the notion of even development. “We have always said that everything needs to be done to ensure that Poland develops evenly,” he pointed out. “So that between particular regions there is a coming together when it comes to the level of development; a PiS victory in the elections will serve that equalisation, that equality, the very important equality,” Jarosław Kaczyński told his audience in Opole. “It is not only equality of what exists at the moment, but something that will exist in several years, it is also an equal opportunity for the young generation, those who are children today.”

Kaczyński underscored that there are 21 “hard months” ahead of his grouping, which include local government elections, European Parliamentary elections, parliamentary and presidential elections. He declared that these months are “fights for the good change to last, to change Poland, to give Poland that great chance.”

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