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Do not forget the days when the poles stood together-PM

Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on Twitter on Friday that the anti-communist protests in August 1980 were a time when Poles stood together and were kind to one another, and it should never be forgotten.

On Friday in Gdańsk (northern Poland), the country celebrates the 38th anniversary of the signing of the 1980 August Agreements.

“August 1980 was the most mass-scale and significant chapter in the struggle for freedom for the nations subdued by communism,” the PM tweeted.

“Let us never forget these days when Poles stood so consistently together,” the head of the cabinet added, “and were so kind, loyal and close to one another, despite all the divisions. #Solidarity.”

On August 31, 1980, Poland’s then communist government signed an agreement with a committee representing over 700 striking workplaces around Poland.

In a televised event, the authorities agreed to the formation of new, independent, autonomous trade unions (leading to the creation of the famous Solidarity organisation) and gave employees the right to strike, among other concessions.

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