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President invites tourists to the Palace

Polish President Andrzej Duda invited four randomly selected foreign tourists to the Warsaw presidential Palace for tea on Friday. this was reported in the office of the President in his new” less official ” profile on Twitter.

“At the Presidential Palace” is a new Twitter profile of the President’s Office intended to show the institution’s activities in a less official light. “Welcome everybody to the less official profile of the President’s Office, where we will try to show you Office life ‘from the kitchen’ (literally and figuratively). Let’s start!” the new profile states.

The new profile announced the invitation of several foreign tourists on holiday in Poland to the palace for tea with the president. The opportunity to pay a visit to the palace and have a conversation with the president, as shown in a film posted to the Twitter account, was enjoyed by four tourists: Rosa and Jerry from Taiwan and Raj and Eva from Singpore.

Rosa from Taiwan asked the president if he enjoyed his work, to which Duda replied that he feels he serves his country and the Polish people. “So this is not work, this is service,” he stated.

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