The speaker of the Senate highly appreciates the proposal on the date of the new referendum

The speaker of the Senate of Poland Stanislav Karchevsky on Thursday praised the idea of holding a constitutional referendum at the same time as the elections to the European Parliament scheduled for may 2019. President Andrzej Duda wants the referendum to be held in November this year.

On Wednesday, Ryszard Terlecki, deputy Sejm (lower house) speaker and head of the ruling party Law and Justice’s caucus, suggested the European elections date as an alternative to President Duda’s November 10-11 proposal.

On November 11, Poland will celebrate the centenary of regaining its independence.

In a Thursday conversation with a private radio broadcaster, Karczewski reiterated the view that the referendum should actually be held but voiced reservations about the November date.

Speaking in favour of May 2019, Karczewski said the referendum could raise the usually low turnout at the European elections.

The presidential National Development Council last week presented proposals for 15 referendum questions out of which no more than ten will be selected. Those questions were later presented to Karczewski by presidential referendum commissioner PaweĊ‚ Mucha.

Last year, President Duda suggested Poland’s constitution should be amended to take into account the changed domestic and international environment, two decades after the country’s basic law was passed. To this end, he would like to ask citizens whether to alter the constitution and if so, in what respect.

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