“March for life and family” in Warsaw and other Polish cities

The main slogan of the “March for life and family”, which for the 13th time took place on the streets of Warsaw on Sunday, was ” Poland is strong through family!”

The participants of the Warsaw manifestation pressed for the “prompt passing of a law protecting the rights of unborn children.”

“It would be great if we could celebrate the hundredth anniversary of regaining independence with the adoption of a law that would protect the lives of the youngest Poles, those who have not yet been born,” said Pawel Kwaśniak, head of the Centre for the Advancement of Initiatives for Life and Family, which helped organise the event.

“The citizens’ bill – ‘Stop Abortion’ (which aims to ban abortion motivated by defects in the foetus, the so-called “eugenic abortion” – PAP), submitted to the Sejm (lower house – PAP) can no longer wait,” he argued. “We cannot allow for equality between same-sex partnerships and the marriage of a man and a woman,” Kwaśniak stressed.

He pointed out that although the government’s efforts to support Polish families economically should be praised, the state should protect citizens against “demoralisation and deprivation.”

“Pornography, undermining the value of family as the best institution to raise children, the promotion of homosexuality and other immoral behaviors are threats that most young people and children are exposed to,” Kwaśniak argued.

As he pointed out, the march in the Polish capital is one of nearly 70 similar rallies scheduled in various places in Poland.

The Warsaw rally was attended by the United Right’s candidate for Warsaw mayor, Deputy Minister of Justice Patryk Jaki. “I am convinced that the Polish state will be strong only when the family is strong,” Jaki told a public TV broadcaster. “The family is the foundation of the Polish state, it has always been,” he added.

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