EU-subsidised investments in Poland worth more than PLN 300 bn

Investments in Poland subsidised by the European Union under its 2014-2020 budget are worth over PLN 300 billion (EUR 70 billion), the country’s investment and development minister has said.

According to the investment and development ministry, some 35,000 investment deals worth a total of PLN 300.7 billion received PLN 185.6 billion in cohesion funds under the bloc’s cohesion policy.

The European Union earmarked a total of PLN 343.2 billion in cohesion funding in the 2014-2020 budget.

The cohesion policy, the European Union’s main investment policy, aims to support job creation, business competitiveness, economic growth and sustainable development as well as improve quality of life for citizens, according to the European Commission.

Investment and Development Minister Jerzy KwieciƄski said Poland would fight for the biggest portion of the European Union’s 2021-2027 budget to be earmarked for cohesion funds.

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