Suspected ISIS member charged in Poland

A Moroccan man who was detained by Poland’s Internal Security Agency (ABW) has been charged with being a member of the so-called Islamic State.

According to the ABW, the man, identified only as Mourad T., allegedly carried out reconnaissance for Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian-Moroccan suspected of orchestrating the November 2015 Paris attacks.

Mourad T. was detained in September 2016 and a secret probe into the man was launched at about the same time.

According to Polish news portal, Mourad T. had pretended to be a Syrian refugee.

The website also said that had been in possession of drugs and that his phone had instructions on how to build a bomb and images of sites that could be targeted.

Mourad T. is to appear before a district court in Katowice, southern Poland, reported.

The charges against Mourad T. mark the first Polish case regarding someone suspected of being directly involved in ISIS.

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