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‘Big chance’ of improving Polish-German relations: Marek Kuchciński

The Speaker of the lower house of the Polish parliament said during a trip to Berlin on Thursday there is a “very big chance” of improving relations between Poland and Germany.

“It seems to me that in terms of improving or developing Polish-German relations, improving the climate in Polish-German relations, in my opinion there is a very big chance,” Speaker Marek Kuchciński told journalists.

“But there is a huge amount of work ahead of us, involving, among other things, the need to include parliaments and deputies…” he added.

During his trip to Berlin, Kuchciński met Wolfgang Schäuble, Speaker of the Bundestag, the lower house of the German parliament.

But Kuchciński said he had not discussed the issue of possible reparations for Poland from Germany for World War II.

Poland’s conservative leader Jarosław Kaczyński said in October that a potential Polish initiative to seek reparations from Germany was “being analysed very intensively.”

An analysis by parliamentary experts concluded last year that the Polish government is entitled to demand that Germany pay reparations for the massive damage it inflicted on Poland during the war.

German officials rejected claims voiced in Poland that Berlin should pay Warsaw damages, according to media reports in September.

Another bone of contention between Warsaw and Berlin is the planned Nord Stream II gas pipeline between Russia and Germany via the Baltic Sea. It would bypass Poland, Ukraine and other countries in the region.

Kuchciński said his talks with Schäuble had included cooperation between the parliaments of both countries and the future of the European Union.

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