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A. Duda OKs plan to phase out Sunday shopping

Poland will see a gradual ban on Sunday shopping introduced for most retail outlets under a plan signed into law by the country’s president on Tuesday.

Under the new regulations, trading will be banned on two Sundays a month from March 1 this year.

The ban will be stepped up to three Sundays a month in 2019, while in 2020 trading will be prohibited except on seven Sundays a year.

The ban will not apply to outlets such as online stores, fuel stations, airports, bakeries, pharmacies and flower shops.

The legislation was in late November backed by 254 members of the 460-seat lower house of Poland’s parliament, with 156 against and 23 abstaining.

A survey found in October that 51 percent of Poles were in favour of restricting shopping in Poland on all Sundays.

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