A Family from Poland donated 470.000 euro to sect, blames Muntian’s brainwashing

Polish family has donated 470.000 euro to “Renaissance Spiritual Center” in while on a trip to Kijów. “Renaissance” is widely known as highly destructive sect prone to dubious practices involving mass hypnosis. The religious organization is led by Wladimir Muntian, an ex-criminal who proclaimed himself the “13th apostle”. Formerly he was imprisoned for fraud. Soon after he has been freed Wladimir Muntian organized his “Center”. He gathers crowds in Ukraine, Russia and as far Western Europe – with all the usual paraphernalia of such gatherings: mass hysteria, ‘miracle healing’ and enormous donations.

Polish family of catholic background state that they come to gathering by accident. “While on hypnosis” they’ve agreed to donate all their belongings, including small business venture to the “apostle” Wladimir Muntian and his center. Now they seek ways to nullify the donation. The police report has been filled both in Poland and Kijów.

Wladimir Muntian and his Center has been accused in receiving donations from ‘hypnotized’ congregants. However the criminal proceeding was stuck due to ‘absence of accusers on Ukrainian territory’ – as the official papers claim.

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