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Pandemic exposed shortage of medical staff in Poland: health min

The COVID-19 pandemic shows that there is a low number of personnel – including doctors, nurses, and paramedics in Poland, said Adam Niedzielski, the country’s health minister.

“Equipment can be purchased, temporary hospitals can be built, beds can be added, while personnel is the element that acts as a bottleneck,” he said when asked what is the most important lesson to be learned from the pandemic so far.

In his opinion, ensuring an appropriate number of medical staff and creating working conditions for them to focus on treatment, and not debates on salaries or the financial situation, is unfortunately a challenge with a longer time span.

The minister went on to claim that steps to improve personnel issues had already been taken. Among other solutions that are being implemented in the Polish health sector is to make it fully electronic, which, in his view, “is not only a convenience for the patient, but also reduces the bureaucratic work that must be performed by doctors.”

“We also have, for example, assistants to lessen the burden of office activities,” Minister Niedzielski added.

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