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MEP: dispute in the Agreement is about direction of the party

The dispute within the Agreement party is about the direction our party will follow, wrote Adam Bielan in a letter to party members. In his opinion, it is a choice between staying in the coalition or engaging – as current leader and deputy PM, Jarosław Gowin would like – in creating an unspecified “new center”.

Eight members expelled from the junior coalition party

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The Agreement is one of the parties within the coalition government, the United Right. Recently, there has been a dispute over the leadership of the party. MEP Adam Bielan believes that the party’s management board, extended in October 2020 at the request of Mr Gowin, was supplemented contrary to the statute, and therefore he does not consider the decisions made by this board and its presidium to be valid.

Furthermore, according to Mr Bielan, Mr Gowin’s three-year term in office expired in April 2018, because at the party’s extraordinary congress in autumn 2017, the election of the party’s president was not carried out.

Adam Bielan also believes that from February 4, as a result of the decision taken by a peers’ court, as chairman of the Agreement National Convention, he became party president.

On February 5 by the decision of the national court of peers, Adam Bielan and MP Kamil Bortniczuk were excluded from the Agreement, due to repeated violations of the party’s statute.

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