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MPs of ruling coalition party suspended, parliamentary majority in jeopardy

Agreement, a junior partner that is key to maintaining a parliamentary majority by the ruling United Right coalition, has suspended eight of its members, including three MPs.

Agreement’s authorities have also forwarded a motion to the party’s tribunal to strip the eight politicians of party membership, Polish Press Agency PAP was told by Agreement’s deputy spokesperson, Jan Strzeżek. According to him, the eight members “have breached the party’s statutes on numerous occasions”.

A few days ago, the party also expelled MP Kamil Bortniczuk and Adam Bielan over a leadership conflict, in which Mr Bielan claimed the Agreement’s leader, Deputy PM Jarosław Gowin, had lost his mandate as his term of office expired three years earlier.

Adam Bielan also claims to be the current Agreement leader, but most party members support Mr Gowin.

The latest developments may reduce the party’s parliamentary representation to 12 MPs if the three expulsion motions are approved.

Before the conflict, the Agreement had 16 MPs, not a strong representation, but decisive for the United Right’s parliamentary majority. The ruling coalition has 234 MPs in the 460-member lower house.

The three suspended MPs are also serving government functions, which directly affects the rest of the coalition government. They include a deputy funds and regional policy minister, a local government minister at the Prime Minister’s Office and a deputy state assets minister.

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