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Additional PLN 1 mln for helping veterans during COVID-19 pandemic

Jan Józef Kasprzyk, the head of the Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression (UdsKiOR) announced that an additional PLN one million (EUR 0.22 mln) will be donated to the NGOs which support the veterans of the fight for Poland’s independence over the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is another million for supporting the NGOs, associations, foundations helping WWII veterans and activists of the anti-communist opposition during the hard time of the pandemic. While there is a pandemic threat, there will be enough funds to support campaigns protecting life and health for the wards of UdsKiOR,” Mr Kasprzyk said.

Over two previous editions of the campaign in 2020, nearly PLN 2 mln (EUR 0.44) was spent on supporting the veterans.

The donations of the UdsKiOR will be used to finance or co-finance purchases of everyday meals including delivery charges, the necessary groceries and means of personal protection. The latter will be supplied for both the veterans and the organisations conducting help, in order to maintain the sanitary regime.

Mr Kasprzyk stressed that the number of the entities that are participating in the campaign is increasing edition by edition.

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