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New plan to rebuild Polish citizens’ health announced

The plan to rebuild the health of Poles will include five elements: the National Oncology Network, the National Cardiology Network, the abolition of limits on access to specialist doctors, post-COVID-19 care and a prevention programme for people over 40 years of age, the Health Min Adam Niedzielski announced.

“We directed all our resources to fight the pandemic, which, to be honest, resulted in some neglect in other parts of healthcare,” said the minister during the 15th Patient Organisation Forum.

He stressed that it was important to “eliminate this health deficit, which occurs in all disease areas, as soon as possible, in every case that has not been detected and in every situation where the patient has not continued treatment”.

“We all know very well that we do not live in an ideal world. We know that also in ordinary times, access to treatment had its barriers,” Mr Niedzielski noted. The new plan is to be “a step ahead” in taking care of Polish citizens’ health.

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