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Peru: President to reshuffle his cabinet again following PM’s resignation

Leftist Peruvian President Pedro Castillo has accepted the resignation of his prime minister and will reshuffle his Cabinet once again, he announced on Thursday, amid a lengthy battle between the executive and legislative branches.

Former Prime Minister Anibal Torres, a staunch ally of Castillo, had challenged the opposition-controlled Congress to a confidence vote last week. But Congress declined to hold such a vote on Thursday, saying conditions for it had not been met.

“Having accepted the resignation of the prime minister, whom I thank for his work on behalf of the country, I will renew the Cabinet,” Mr Castillo said in a national television broadcast.

Peru's President Pedro Castillo accepts Prime Minister Anibal Torres' resignation

— TRT World Now (@TRTWorldNow) November 25, 2022
The “confidence vote” challenge was meant to pressure Congress amid tense relations between the two branches of government.

Anti-presidential protests
Earlier in November, clashes between police and anti-government protesters broke out in Lima as hundreds of people took to the streets, demanding the resignation of the incumbent president.

▶️ Hundreds of people took to the streets of Peru's capital Sunday to protest against the government of President Pedro Castillo. (AP)

— Voice of America (@VOANews) November 21, 2022
Carrying the Andean nation’s vertically striped red-white-red flag and signs with anti-government slogans, protesters marched towards the opposition-dominated Congress in the Peruvian capital. Police with helmets and plastic shields launched tear gas canisters to disperse the crowds.

President Castillo, who took the office in July last year, has survived two impeachment attempts. In October, Peru’s attorney general filed a constitutional complaint against Mr Castillo with Congress, opening a new legal battle that the right-wing opposition hopes will end in the president’s impeachment.

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