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If Ukraine loses, Poland is next: Polish Dept FM

If we stop supporting Ukraine, Russia will win this war and start another one, and Poland will be the next victim of its aggression, Deputy Foreign Minister Paweł Jabłoński warned on Wednesday in an interview with the British Daily Express.

“If we don’t want Russia to be victorious, and we don’t want this because if Russia emerges victorious from this conflict, they will certainly start another they will not stop themselves,” Mr Jabłoński said.

“So we have to help Ukraine stop him, we have to help Ukraine defend itself because Ukraine is defending not just its own territory, not its own independence, its own liberty, but it’s also defending Europe,” the Minister added.

Minister Jabłoński stressed that Europe and the West shall help Ukraine to defend itself, because it defends not only its territory, its independence and its freedom, but also defends Europe.

“It is also the defence of European countries against a potential invasion by Russia. Russia does not hide its intentions, they said very openly – they use the term ‘denazification’. They accuse Ukraine of being Nazis only because Ukraine is a separate nation,” said the deputy head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr Jabłoński called the Russian claims “absurd”, adding that “If somebody is Nazi if somebody is fascist, it’s Russia.”

“Some parliamentary deputies, some members of parliament of Russia, were advocating that Russia should ‘de-nazify’ all the countries including Poland, said the Polish diplomat. “So we know very well that if we won’t help Ukraine to stop Russia, we are next in line.”

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