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Kyiv and Lviv with no heating or running water, 2 nuclear power plants cut off

The city’s public transport powered by electricity, water and heating does not work, said Andriy Sadovy the Mayor of Lviv. The news comes after reports of Russian shelling in several regions of Ukraine. The rocket fire resulted in water and electricity shortages in Kyiv and has cut off two nuclear power plants – Khmelnytskaya and South Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant – from the energy system of Ukraine.

“Trams and trolleybuses do not work. We will launch more buses after the anti-aircraft alert ends,” Mayor Sadovy wrote in a statement quoted by the Interfax-Ukraine agency.

The mayor also wrote on the Telegram website that the missiles were not targeting objects in Lviv, but rather power stations in the Lviv region, which is the root cause of the problem now with the power supply for the city.

Reports of explosions came in the afternoon from various regions of Ukraine. There are presently electricity problems all over the country. An anti-aircraft alert has been declared in all districts.

Blackout in Kyiv

Similar information was announced by the mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko.

“Due to the shelling, water supplies are suspended throughout Kyiv. Specialists are working to restore them as soon as possible; I am asking you to supply water” Mayor Vitali Klitschko announced on Telegram on Wednesday.

Power engineers are also working on restoring electricity in the capital, said Klitschko and informed that the number of victims of rocket fire in the capital has increased to nine.

Two nuclear plants cut off from electricity system

The nuclear power plants of Khmelnytskaya and South Ukraine have been disconnected from the grid due to Russian shelling, the Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported.

Oleksandr Supruniuk, the mayor of the city of Netishyn, announced the suspension of the power units of the Khmelnitskaya Nuclear Power Plant. “There is no electricity, no water, possibly no heating either,” he added, quoted by Interfax-Ukraine.

The RBK-Ukraina website informed, citing the spokesman for Enerhoatom, Leonid Oliinyk, that all power units of the South Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant in the Mykolaiv region have been shut down. The situation is most probably caused by the damage inflicted on the power grids.

“Everything is fine with the power plant, but there is no one to supply energy to,” Mr Oliinyk said.

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