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Rock Rachon 22.11

The Russian aggression on Ukraine continues as reports of the occupiers having used a landfill in Kherson to burn corpses transpire. Witnesses said they smelled burnt meat and hair in the air.

Russian forces continue shelling urban targets and other north bank positions. Ukrainian authorities have reported that Russian Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are conducting cross-river reconnaissance to assist in target selection for Russian artillery and missile forces.

Guest of the programme Lt Col Hunter Ripley Rawlings, a former Marine Corps Infantry and Reconnaissance Officer explained the current development: “The cold and the winter is a third army… the first is your main opponent, in this case being Russia, second, yourself because you have to coordinate everything you do, the winter is a third army you have to prepare for because it will kill you just as quickly as the opponent will.”

“This is going to be a tough couple of months and Russia and Ukraine will be fighting tooth and nail to get whatever gains they can.”

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