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World News 22.11

In this edition of World News, the focus is Ukrainians who are continuing to carry on under Russian fire. The country’s defenders are valiantly fighting against the Russian invaders. The situation around the conflict, however, has seen some new developments.

Lithuania to sign bilateral military cooperation agreement with Moldova

The defence ministers of Lithuania and Moldova have agreed to strengthen military cooperation between the two countries. Under a bilateral agreement signed on Tuesday, Lithuania will aid Moldova’s Ministry of Defence in developing its strategic communication and cyber security capabilities.

Russian no longer second language in Latvian schools from 2026

On Monday, the Latvian Ministry of Education made a breakthrough announcement regarding which languages will be taught in schools. The new legislation specifies that Russian will no longer be taught as a second language, as the country shifts towards languages spoken in the European Union.

South African president is first foreign leader to be received by Charles III

“Red carpets with a purpose” is how British media characterised the South African president’s state visit to London. Cyril Ramaphosa is visiting the U.K. to strengthen diplomatic and economic ties between the two countries.

Turks and Kurds exchange retaliatory strikes after Istanbul strike

Tensions are on the rise between Turkey and Syrian Kurds in the wake of the deadly bombing in Istanbul, with each side launching a series of retaliatory attacks.

Earthquake measuring 5.6 hits western Indonesia

Quakes, tremors, and landslides caused by the seismic activities rocked western Indonesia. The natural disaster took the lives of 268 and displaced hundreds more as their homes were destroyed.

Controversy mounts at World Cup in Qatar

As the FIFA World Cup in Qatar kicks off, many voices are speaking out about hosting the championships in the Gulf state. Despite FIFA’s efforts not to politicise the games, fans and participants have been growing increasingly sceptical.

Veterans stood their ground during Colorado shooting

The residents of Colorado Springs are still reeling from the recent shooting at a local nightclub. While the incident was a display of heinous villainy, it was also an opportunity for heroes to rise.

Second Witold Pilecki Book Award

The jury has spoken. Eminent scholars in the field of literature have pored over dozens of books to choose the winners of the second edition of the Witold Pilecki International Book Award. This year, the jury will also be awarding a special prize to a book about Ukraine or Belarus.

NASA’S Orion completes Lunar flyby

In Greek mythology, Artemis was one of the most prominent lunar deities. She was also the twin sister of Apollo, which is why NASA chose the name for its program to reestablish a human presence on the moon and put astronauts on Mars in the future.

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