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Twitter may become social media boxing ring: expert

Experts are not enthusiastic about Elon Musk’s conduct regarding his newly acquired social media platform,Twitter. Some claim that the forum may turn into a space of violent political and social clashes with no adequate moderation.

Susannah Streeter, Senior Investment and Markets Analyst at Hargreaves Landsown stated “I think Twitter does have a future, but it looks pretty uncertain right now, certainly with the mass walkouts that we’ve seen following that huge round of redundancies as well. Employees seem to be voting with their feet, unwilling to sign up for a long hours culture. Now, although this will cause problems as far as editorial staff are concerned around big events, for example, like the World Cup, Black Friday, the festive season, it’s actually the loss of key engineering staff that could cause more damage”.

The future of the company is also not perceived in green.

“It is very likely, though, that Elon Musk will work to kind of stem the flow of key staff from the platform. So although it does look like it’s a pretty rocky road ahead for Elon Musk, it is very likely that he will take significant steps to turn around,” the expert claims.

Musk’s plan for the development of the social media giant remains a mystery.

“He clearly wants to slim Twitter down to a skeleton staff and then build it up again to meet his vision. The problem is it’s unclear exactly what his vision is. Now, he did say when he first made the move to buy Twitter and offered $44 billion, that huge sum, that he wanted it to be a town hall and really a forum of free speech.” Streeter says.

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