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World News 21.11

In this edition of World News, the focus is on the millions-of-euros-worth of aid for Moldova and a power delivery deal with Romania, new explosions at Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine commemorating the anniversary of the start of its pro-democracy revolution – the Euromaidan, and Serbia and Kosovo failing to reach an agreement.

Moldova’s energy woes were top of the agenda at today’s summit in Paris. Millions of euros in aid, and a power delivery deal with Romania have been pledged by delegates from all across Europe to the Eastern European country, which is struggling with an energy crisis brought on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Zaporizhzhia: Playing with fire

The International Atomic Energy Agency has warned that whoever was behind the “powerful explosions” at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant is playing with fire. Ukraine, however, insists that the responsibility for the attacks lies squarely with Russia.

The memory of the Euromaidan lives on

Nine years ago, massive protests erupted in the centre of Kyiv, after the then-President Yanukovych declined further integration with the European Union. What followed was a brutal crackdown by the security services and riot police, which left over 100 dead and at least one thousand injured.

More about Euromaidan with our guest Mychailo Winnyckyi, Associate Professor of the Department of Sociology and Business School at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. To watch the interview, click the video above.

Ukrainian intel: Russia preparing false flags in Belarus

Ukrainian military intelligence has suggested that Russia may soon try to stage false-flag attacks in Belarus. According to Kyiv, strikes like these could be used to sway public opinion in Belarus and pave the way for armed intervention.

Germany offers Poland additional air defence systems

The NATO Summit in Madrid gathered today to discuss possible defence policies of NATO’s eastern flank. For that German Defence Minister, Christine Lambrecht proposed extending support to Poland in the form of Patriot air defence systems and Eurofighter jets.

Serbia and Kosovo fail to reach agreement

A two-year-long dispute regarding license plates has raised tensions between Serbia and Kosovo. The dispute is far from over as today’s meeting of the two countries’ authorities proved unsuccessful.

President Tokayev survives snap elections in Kazakhstan

Early results of the snap presidential elections in Kazakhstan point to a landslide victory for the incumbent, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. The elections were called by Tokayev himself to consolidate power after an attempted coup in January. Preliminary exit polls suggest he has won more than 81 percent of the vote.

Labour leaders vows to axe House of Lords

Britain’s Labour Party says that the House of Lords, or the upper chamber of the British Parliament, is due for reform. Labour Leader, Sir Keir Starmer has announced that a future Labour government would seek to abolish the House of Lords.

Multiple blasts rock southern Turkey

On the heels of Turkey’s renewed aerial campaign over Syria, Turkish villages on the border have been hit with multiple artillery attacks. Turkish authorities blame the Kurdistan Workers’ Party for the shelling, which has killed three and left ten more wounded.

Americans mourn Club Q victims

As the investigation into the Colorado Springs shooting continues and the suspect remains in custody receiving medical treatment, Americans across the country are holding memorials vigils. Thousands are praying for the victims of the attack that left five dead and dozens wounded on Saturday.

Earthquake hits West Java

At least 162 people were killed in an earthquake that rocked the island of Java, Indonesia, on Monday. Offices and other buildings were evacuated, as the earthquake and the subsequent aftershocks damaged almost two thousand buildings across the capital and surrounding areas.

FIFA draws criticism for Qatar limitations

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar is underway, but controversies surrounding the competition continue to surface. England faced off against Iran on Monday, but the public’s attention prior to the game was focused on the players’ armbands.

Dylan’s love letters sold

Bob Dylan’s letters to his high school sweetheart have been auctioned for USD 675,000. The collection will now travel from the U.S. state of Minnesota to a bookstore in Portugal that has been dubbed “the World’s most beautiful bookshop.”

Interested in details? Watch the whole edition of the programme by clicking the video above.

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