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Three Seas initiative an important platform of regional co-operation: experts

TVP World interviewed former Slovenian Foreign Minister and ambassador to the U.S. Dmitrij Rupel and Jaroslav Kuchyňa of the CEVRO Institute in Prague who attended the second day of the “Trimarium, the Great Project” Congress in Warsaw, on the necessity of regional co-operation.

Mr Rupel was asked whether he believes there is a need for countries of Central and Eastern Europe to form some regional entity that will allow them to play a bigger role on the World stage. According to him, the Three Seas is such an initiative, with its 12 members that are discussing co-operation in the spheres of economy, security, infrastructure, and more. And with the Russian invasion of Ukraine underway, a challenge for the Three Seas is whether they can contribute to the solution that will end it.

Mr Kuchyňa said that in the situation of the war in Ukraine, the countries of the region have an experience with Russia different than other countries in the West and their contribution to this situation can help end the war. Although various countries may have a slightly different perspective on Russia the common denominator is that they want to stop the Russian aggression and are trying to figure out how to get Kyiv closer to Europe with the Three Seas initiative.

Other matters discussed with Mr Rupel and Mr Kuchyňa: is the war in Ukraine and the Russian threat helping to push the countries of the region toward closer co-operation; the future of Russia and its relationship with Europe and the West in general; what form should the co-operation between the countries of Three Seas have; the role of other powers, such as the U.S., Russia, and China in the region; how crucial for the Three Seas initiative is Ukraine; and the Three Seas initiative as a response to Western Europe’s misguided policy towards Russia.

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