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World News 20.11

Central European countries discuss their joint future development during a conference in Warsaw, Polish and Finnish Prime Ministers meet in Helsinki, and the 2022 World Cup with Qatar opens with the hosts losing 0:2 to Ecuador. This and much more are in the Sunday edition of World News.

Western intelligence claims Russia will manufacture Ukrainian drones
According to a western intelligence agency, Russia has reached a deal with Tehran to manufacture drones on its territory. The Iranian-made drones have had a major impact on the war so far, proving to be a challenge for Ukrainian air defence systems.

Kherson’s rail connection with rest of Ukraine restored
Ukraine has reinstated rail connections with the recently liberated city of Kherson. Residents who fled the city can now come back home. A report by TVP World’s correspondent to Ukraine Don Arleth.

Congress on the Three Seas initiative in Warsaw
Experts gathered at the Stock Exchange in Warsaw, debated today the prospects for the Three Seas Initiative, a forum of Central European states. With changing geopolitics in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, the initiative may become crucial for future development.

Polish and Finnish prime ministers meet in Helsinki
In the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Poland and Finland have been deepening their cooperation in several sectors. Alexandra Sumliska, TVP World’s correspondent in Helsinki, reported with more details on what was discussed by Prime Ministers Mateusz Morawiecki and Sanna Marin during their meeting in the Finnish capital.

Key agreement reached at COP27 summit
The COP27 climate summit has come to a close with the signing of a new, landmark deal to give aid to countries most affected by climate change. Not all parties were satisfied with the conclusion, however, and believe that stronger measures must be taken to overcome the climate crisis.

Kazakh leader expected to secure a 7-year term
The Kazakh people are voting in the presidential elections today. The incumbent president Kassym Jomart Tokayev is widely expected to win and secure a seven-year term.

Turkey carries out air strikes in Syria and North Iraq
Turkey has carried out air strikes on Kurdish militants located in Syria and Northern Iraq. The assault comes after Ankara accused Kurdish militant groups of carrying out a terrorist attack in Istanbul last week.

Indomitable Soldiers commemorated
November 20 marks a full decade since the search for remains of the political victims of communism in Poland began. The so-called, Łączka is a special place in Warsaw, where the bodies of the anti-communist Polish soldiers were buried, in the hope that future generations would not be able to find them.

Qatar World Cup kicks off – Qatar promptly loses first game
The World Cup kicked off in Qatar today with a spectacular opening ceremony and the first match lost by the host country. Qatar lost 0 to 2 to Ecuador. The tournament has faced a barrage of criticism from human rights to a ban on alcohol sales at the event. Here’s more.

World News’ guests

TVP World interviewed former Slovenian Foreign Minister and ambassador to the U.S. Dimitrij Rupel and Jaroslav Kuchyňa of the CEVRO Institute in Prague who attended the second day of the “Trimarium, the Great Project” in Warsaw, on the necessity of regional co-operation

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