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Funeral of the second victim of the missile incident in Przewodów

The funeral of the second victim of the Tuesday missile incident in Przewodów in eastern Poland took place in the local cemetery on Sunday, November 20.

Polish villagers bury man killed in blast near Ukrainian border

Residents arrive for a funeral for one of two men killed by a missile strike on a Polish village close to the Ukrainian border.

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The funerary mass conducted by the assistant bishop of the local diocese Mariusz Leszczyński began at 1 pm local time (1200 GMT) in St. Brother Albert’s parish church in Przewodów, and the body was laid to rest in the local cemetery. The deceased received a state funeral, however, the family requested that the ceremony is conducted without the presence of the military honour guard.

During the sermon, Bishop Leszczyński quoted St. John Paul II, according to whom “the great scene of the world” opens before the cross on which Christ was crucified, and before which “the drama of personal and collective history plays out”

“It was this drama of history in which our two brothers had their part and died tragically and innocently in our village, as victims of the war that is now being waged in Ukraine,” said the bishop.

The deceased, a 59-year-old tractor driver Bogdan C., was one of the two victims of the explosion that occurred at the grain-drying facility in Przewodów in eastern Poland, close to the border with Ukraine. The other victim, the 60-year-old grain storage facility manager Bogusław W., was buried on a preceding day.

NATO: Moscow bears responsibility for missile incident in Poland

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The explosion occurred as a result of a massive rocket strike carried out by Russia against key Ukrainian infrastructure. The Soviet-manufactured rocket was possibly a stray missile fired by the Ukrainian air defence in an attempt to intercept a Russian missile, but missed its mark and crossed into Polish territory.

As Poland and its NATO allies have stressed, the ultimate responsibility for the death of the two Polish citizens lies with Russia, who by waging a brutal war of aggression against Ukraine, has laid the groundwork for the incident to occur in the first place.

The missile incident had to happen sooner or later: Saint Javelin founder

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Many experts have voiced the opinion, that the fact it took nearly nine months for a missile fired by one side of the conflict to go astray was just a matter of time.

The funeral was attended by the family, friends, and neighbours of the deceased, as well as representatives of the company for which he worked. Official guests included Provincial Governor Lech Sprawka and other local government officials, as well as presidential adviser Prof. Dariusz Dudek.

Speaking in the name of the Polish authorities, Provincial Governor Sprawka stressed the magnitude of grief and sadness brought about by the tragic death of the two men, which affected not only the friends, family, and the local community, but also the entire country. He pointed out how expressions of solidarity with Poland came in from countries across Europe and around the world.

“It is attested to by the great uproar caused by the deaths of the two men,” said Mr Sprawka, but also asked: “Why did modern civilisation allow the demons of imperialism, completely unjustified aggression, contempt for the life of common people, rape, and atrocious crimes, to rear their ugly heads again?” The Governor added that the deaths are “a symbol of chaos reigning in the values system and of how, unfortunately, the international community has again failed.”

Consul General of Ukraine in Lublin Artem Valakh and a representative of the Ukrainian embassy in Warsaw also attended the ceremony to pay their respects to the deceased.

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