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COP27: Countries disappointed over delays in reaching concrete conclusion

Countries and experts expressed disappointment on Friday about a second draft of the COP27 decision text in which a European Union proposal buoyed hopes of progress on the climate summit’s final scheduled day.

The 27-country EU said it would back one of the toughest agenda items, financing for countries wracked by climate-fuelled disasters. But with several other sticking points dogging this year’s U.N. climate talks, host country Egypt said a final deal was still not expected before the weekend.

The COP 27 President Sameh Shoukry stated that he remains committed to bring the conference to an orderly manner tomorrow, with the adoption of a series of consensus decisions that will be comprehensive, ambitious, and balanced.

Negotiations were energised after the European Union said late on Thursday that it would back the demand of the G77 group of 134 developing countries to set up a fund to help countries cope with “loss and damage,” the irreparable damage being wrought by climate change.

It was unclear if all of those countries would accept the EU’s offer of a fund to aid only the countries deemed most vulnerable, rather than all developing countries as they had requested.

“We still have significant differences between the EU text and what the G77 is working on. Right now they are meeting to come up with a counter proposal and against the scenarios presented by negotiators and we will see how it goes depending on how it moves forward,” said Susana Mohamed, environment minister of Colombia.

Other elements of the document repeated commitments from last year’s climate summit, for example reiterating the 2015 Paris Agreement’s goals . Some countries, including the EU and Britain, have pushed for the overall deal in Egypt to lock in country commitments for more ambitious climate action.

The Democratic Republic of Congo deputy prime minister said that the removal of the role of forests and landfill from the documents should be undone before they would approve of it.

The draft text also repeated a pledge from last year’s summit to phase down the use of coal-fuelled power, but did not include the call backed by India, Colombia, the EU and Britain to expand this to cover all fossil fuels.

The European Union warned it was prepared to walk away from climate negotiations if a satisfactory outcome could not be reached, but said it still believed a deal could be struck on Saturday between negotiators at the COP27 summit in Egypt.

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