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No agreed stance on China within the EU is a problem: expert

After securing a third term as the leader of the Chinese Communist party in October, Xi Jinping cemented his role as one of the most significant Chinese politicians since Mao Zedong. To discuss how the internal politics in China affect the rest of the world, TVP World invited Professor Maciej Gaca from Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń.

According to the professor, European dependence on China “is one of the key issues now”. He said that in looking at Chancellor Scholz’s visit to China and how Germany was putting only their economic interests forward we can see that there is no agreed stance on China within the European community.

Maciej Gaca also pointed to U.S. President Joe Biden’s 3.5-hour meeting with his Chinese counterpart and how both sides agreed to further their cooperation on macroeconomics, food security, trade and climate change. Moreover, the White House announced that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will soon be visiting China for the first time during this administration.

The professor further stated that any protests against the current ruling communist party in China will be squashed and there is no possibility of a change of power in China.

Mr Gaca concluded the interview by describing one of the biggest societal problems in China, which is the “unbalanced ratio” between males and females, caused by the one-child policy that was mandatory in China for approximately 30 years.

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