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Putin’s ‘Russkiy Mir’ has opened gates to genocide says Morawiecki

Rafał Guz/PAP

Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister, has said that Vladimir Putin’s ideology of ‘Russian Mir’ (Russian Order) has replaced 20th-century communism and “opened the gates to genocide.”

Morawiecki made the statement in a video message to the participants of the conference on issues such as Russian disinformation held in the Czech capital of Prague.

He said that regulations adopted by Russia in 2021, which prohibited equating the activities of the USSR and the German Third Reich, lead to the elimination of historical facts that do not fit the Russian narrative about World War II.

According to Morawiecki, “Russkiy Mir is a cancer which is consuming not only the majority of Russian society, but also poses a deadly threat to the whole of Europe.”

In his opinion, Putin’s ideology of a Russian order has replaced 20th-century communism.

“This is not insanity but a deliberate strategy that has already opened the gates to genocide,” Morawiecki said.

Morawiecki added that Russia is conducting a hybrid war, aimed not only at the Russian population, but also at opinion-makers around the world.

“History is one of the key tools that Russia has been using for many years. We cannot ignore or underestimate this threat. The lack of our European response to Russian propaganda may encourage Russia to further question well-documented and known historical facts,” he said.

‘Russkiy mir’ is an ideology through which Russia justifies invented rights and privileges for its country. It is also the grounds for the story of ‘the special historical mission’ of the Russian people.

The concept was evoked by Putin to justify the annexation of Crimea. He spoke of Russians as living in a “divided nation” and highlighted the “aspiration of the Russian world, of historic Russia, for the restoration of unity.” He also stressed the existence of a “broad Russian civilisation,” which has to be protected from external forces, particularly from the West.

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