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TVP World celebrates its first birthday

TVP World, public broadcaster TVP’s international information and news channel, was launched on November 18, 2021. From the onset, we offer the Polish and Eastern European take on the most pressing world issues.

In its first four days, TVP World had generated more than 300,000 views on its website Not such a humble start after all, it seemed, the channel was available to be watched online and via satellite, reaching European and US markets.

Being Poland’s first English-language channel, TVP World brings a variety of programmes that dig into the gist of global and regional phenomena that shape the lives of billions.

The launch in November 2021 had coincided with the migration crisis at the Polish-Belarusian border, instigated by the Lukashenka’s regime. A high demand for news from Poland was met by TVP World’s coverage that featured on-site reporting and numerous interviews.

TVP World also became an important source of news when it came to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Ever since Russia launched its contemptible and unjustified aggression, our correspondents have been taking on the risk by entering Kherson, Kharkiv, Odesa, Kyiv and other locations to help the world see what atrocities the Putin’s regime will be held accountable for – targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure, a rupture for adolescent and higher education, fueling poverty and mental attrition, as well as the death and destruction.

But reporting was not their only job in the war-torn country. In March risking her own life, TVP World’s reporter Monika Andruszewska led some 30 people to cover, sat in the driver’s seat and guided them out of the embattled city of Irpin in Kyiv oblast, Ukraine.

Back in March TVP World broadcasted a live The Save Ukraine charity event, during which money was raised for the victims of the Russian invasion. The marathon featured some of the world’s celebrated and famed musicians, artists, activists, athletes and influencers.

Furthermore, in a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, UPC cable TV replaced the Russian RT channel with TVP World.

The roar of guns and thunder of artillery brings devastating results but likewise does the buzz of Russian fake news and disinformation. In our “Break the Fake” programme we break down the Kremlin propaganda to sensitise our viewers to its malignant manipulation and, at times, ridicule the all-too-apparent absurdity thereof.

TVP World expands viewership

In March, TVP World joined the largest UK TV platform Freeview. It became free to the Polish diaspora in Great Britain and Northern Ireland and British viewers interested in the Polish perspective.

In April, TVP World gained recognition from the experts on the jury of the Poznań Media Expo 2022, chaired by Mr Jacek Silski – President of the Board of the Polish Chamber of Digital Broadcasting. The Gold Medal was awarded to the channel for “filling a more than 30-year information gap in English-language coverage of Poland and the CEE region in the media market”.

In May 2022, TVP World, along with several other TV channels, became available in the Vilnius region in Lithuania for viewers using digital terrestrial television. The regional multiplex covers Vilnius and its suburbs reaching over 20 percent of the Lithuanian population.

In the summer of 2022, TVP World expanded into new markets and became available free-to-air in Estonia. Mateusz Matyszkowicz, who was a member of TVP’s Managing Board and head of the TVP World at the time, met with Estonian government officials and representatives of the country’s public broadcaster (ETV) to explain reasons for interest in Poland’s public broadcaster within the region of the Baltic States.

He explained that apart from presenting a regional point of view to the world, it was also essential to counteract the Kremlin propaganda machine. And not just internationally: there is a strong presence of the Russian minority in the Baltic States, who are strongly influenced by Russian propaganda.

Mr Matyszkowicz said it is important to communicate with the Russian minority in the Baltic, not to let them fall prey to the disinformation spread by Russian state media.

As of November 2, TVP World is available in Austria through the MUX C digital platform that covers the Vienna region.

This autumn the number of subscribers of TVP World’s YouTube channel exceeded 200,000.

TVP World offers deep insight into Poland’s and Eastern European perspectives. Thousands of guests talk live not only about the war in Ukraine but also on other key issues related to the region.

The long list of guests includes Poland’s ministers, US and European deputies, world-famous artists, experts and specialists as well as many Ukrainian officials, for example, Kyiv’s mayor Vitali Klitschko.

The plethora of TVP World programmes include:

Rock Rachon
“Rock Rachon” is a one-of-a-kind show hosted by perspicacious Michał Rachoń who, seeing beyond the obvious, extracts the naked truth of political developments.

Military Mind
A programme focusing on war seen from the perspectives of soldiers and civilians in a conflict. It presents the frontline situations with no colouration or pathos. We hear only shooting, shouting, moans of injured people and conversations between soldiers. In many cases, the programme presents raw frontline footage and commentary is provided in the studio without tendency to moralise or judge those taking part in the conflict. No offices, diplomacy or generals are visible from the battlefield, only blood, sweat and tears of ordinary people.

Break the Fake
Break the Fake uncovers disinformation and propaganda, tackles trolling and unravels misconceptions spread throughout the Web during the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. The programme helps viewers identify all the fake news making the rounds in the media before it may take root. It wishes to give the viewer a gentle nudge in the right direction to find out what the facts are and to see for themselves that some of the wild theories or narratives you can find online don’t hold water if you take a closer look.

Eastern Express
There is no better place to hop on the board of “Eastern Express” than Poland. TVP World, thanks to Poland’s geographical location and leading role in East-Central Europe, aims to shed more light on the regional developments which tend, due to distance and biases, to be distorted by other media outlets. In the programme, we take a look at the Baltic States, Belarus, and Ukraine, but also Central Asia, Turkey and Georgia.

Business Arena
Business Arena offers a fresh perspective on all things moving the global economy. With a cut-to-the-chase approach of our hosts, viewers get a blitz review of the latest stock dynamics as well as an in-depth analysis of the impact of regional and global developments on the thickness of wallets worldwide.

Pulse of Culture
In these uncertain times, culture serves as a sanctuary where mind, body and spirit can find their creative vent. TVP World’s “Pulse of Culture” is there for our viewers to listen to and behold the subtleties of music, cinema, sculpture and more.

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