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Business Arena 17.11

In Wednesday’s edition, our host David Kennedy started the programme with our main stories which covered: the economic situation in Polish border towns and military and drone technology.

The Podkarpackie region in the south, is Poland’s tenth-largest Province by GDP, producing just 4 percent of the country’s output. However, it is one of the few where the population is growing. The war in Ukraine has transformed the region to be in the forefront of the supply chain for providing arms and aid to Ukraine, with Przemyśl and Rzeszów serving as bases and transport hubs.

Local manufacturers have been reaping the benefits of the conflict, as many are producing military technology. Aneta Kuś of Systemy Bezzałogowe, a company that produces drones for all kinds of uses outlined the advantages of being based in the region.

Among other topics:

Prices of Christmas trees in the Czech Republic are set to rise, Latvia to increase its minimum wage, Azerbaijan’s gas exports to European countries set new highs, rising costs of living resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine report and American households holding an unprecedented amount of cash due to government benefits.

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