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Poland did not activate Article 4 of Nato treaty says PM

Consultation with Poland’s allies, as envisaged in Nato’s Article 4 were being carried out practically all the while, Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland’s prime minister, said on Wednesday.

The prime mister told public broadcaster TVP Info that “because of the course of events and the information coming in during the night, we can conclude that this was not an intentional attack.”

He added: “Therefore, we did not activate Article 4… and this approach met with the full approval of all our allies.”

Article 4 of the Nato Treaty says that member states “will consult together whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of another member is threatened.”

On Tuesday, a Russian-made missile hit a grain-drying facility in the village of Przewodow near Poland’s border with Ukraine on Tuesday, killing two people.

Morawiecki praised Poland’s allies saying that they had “risen to the occasion” by increasing the presence of air forces yesterday and today.

“All this means that our skies are being monitored even more closely than usual,” he pointed out and added that “Poland, today, is even safer as its skies are being monitored more closely than usual and jointly with allied air forces.”

Morawiecki said that additional armed forces units had been sent to the eastern border region “to ensure security”.

Also questioned as to whether any deliberate action by Russia could be ruled out at the moment, Morawiecki replied: “First of all, it should be emphasised that Russia is to blame for the deaths of these Poles, our countrymen, not only because Russia attacked Ukraine, but also because Russia is trying to terrorise Ukraine through massive carpet bombing with missiles and drones.” 

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