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The missile incident had to happen sooner or later: Saint Javelin founder

Christian Borys, former journalist and founder of the Saint Javelin project was TVP World’s guest invited to discuss the missile incident that killed two Poles on Tuesday.

Asked about his reaction when he first heard of a rocket dropping in eastern Poland, which claimed two lives, Mr Borys said that he thought it was inevitable.

With so many Russian missiles sent against Ukraine, one would strike Poland by accident or on purpose. “I always believed this would happen,” said Borys.

Since then it appears that the likeliest scenario is that the rocket was either a Ukrainian air defence missile that missed a Russian missile it was supposed to intercept or a stray Russian rocket. But regardless of that, Mr Borys is glad to see a united reaction from NATO supporting Poland, as well as clearly stating that the incident would not occur if Russia was not waging a war against Ukraine and launching massive rocket strikes against it.

Other matters discussed by Mr Borys were: should Poland invoke Article 4 of the NATO treaty; what should be done about Russia’s continued attempts at disinformation; are there any similarities between the Tuesday incident and the shooting down of the MH17 flight in 2014 in terms of disinformation; does it make a difference whether the missile was Russian or Ukrainian; and how to try and change the position of states that remain unaligned.

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