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Somewhat warily, Biden’s team welcomes Trump’s 2024 presidential bid

Following the Tuesday announcement made by former president Donald Trump that he will try to take back residency in the White House from current POTUS Joe Biden in the 2024 election, Mr Biden reportedly expressed hopes that this will help to secure a second term for him, his aides said.

They believe that the former entrepreneur-turned-president is a vulnerable and defeated politician. The great hopes for a “red wave” the Republicans had in regard to the election failed to materialise. It is already known that the Senate will be controlled by the Democrats, and while Republicans made gains in the House of Representatives, several seats are still contested and at present Republicans are still one seat short of gaining 218 seats to control the House. While they have a chance to take it, any majority they will hold will be much slimmer than they hoped for.

UPDATE: as of 00:46 CET on November 17 (18:46 ET, Nov. 16) Republicans have secured the 218 seats needed for the majority according to The Associated Press.

Biden, who defeated Trump in the contentious 2020 election, has so far remained silent on the announcement. When he and French President Emmanuel Macron were asked by reporters at the G20 meeting in Bali if they had a reaction to Trump’s announcement, they looked at each other briefly and shared a faint smile.

“Not really,” Biden said, before turning his attention back to the mangrove trees he and other world leaders were planting.

But back in March, when asked by reporters whether he would like to run again against Trump, Biden responded, “In the next election, I’d be very fortunate if I had that same man running against me.”

While the president’s aides, who spoke to Reuters anonymously, appear quite confident having Trump as the Republican contender for the White House is a blessing in disguise when it comes to boosting Biden’s re-election chances, they are worried about the impact a bitter campaign could have on America.

“Trump is definitely the most vulnerable of the candidates but he does come with a cost the White House is keenly aware of,” said a top Democrat who works with the White House on political issues, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Why is Trump the perfect countercandidate for the Dems

Democrats focused in their campaign for Congress on the centrist voters with no fixed party allegiance and reminded them of the perceived chaos and turmoil that surrounded Trump’s presidency. Although the economy improved under Trump, much of it was undone due to the crisis caused by the Covid pandemic. Trump’s controversial statements regarding the situation did not help win the confidence of the electorate, and his refusal to concede defeat, which sparked the infamous Capitol Riot on January 6, 2021, has put many people who were shocked by the events off for good.

This is true at least for independent voters. For those who identify as Republicans, Trump still appears to be the preferred candidate according to polls, although some otters are blaming the lacklustre electoral result in the midterms on Trump’s influence.

One of Biden’s advisers has however warned that it is important Democrats do not underestimate Trump. He has been written off many times in the past by pundits only to re-emerge stronger. Indeed, Trump’s electoral win in 2016 made for an unpleasant reality check for many self-satisfied liberals.

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