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Ukrainian access to missile probe needs Polish, U.S. approval: Polish President

Both Poland and the United States need to agree on Ukraine taking part in the investigation into the missile, most likely Russian-made, exploding in a village in southeastern Poland, Polish President Andrzej Duda told reporters after a National Security Council meeting.

The meeting was convened as a result of the incident in the village of Przewodów located near the border with Ukraine, where a missile fell on Tuesday afternoon and resulted in an explosion that killed two Polish citizens.

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“The proceedings are conducted by Polish and American experts and if anyone was to be allowed to take part in these proceedings both parties would have to agree,” Andrzej Duda told a press conference after being asked if Ukraine will be included in the investigation.

No danger to Polish citizens

“We are watching over the security of Poland together. The security of citizens is absolutely paramount for all of us,” the president added.

He pointed out that a situation where Russia shells Ukraine on a large-scale can risk previously unforeseen and tragic consequences.

President Duda also emphasised that Poland’s non-military services, as well as selected military units and the air force, are presently on high alert.

The head of state stressed that “there is no clear, or known to us in a direct way, danger to Poland at this time, there is no danger to citizens.”

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